Monday, February 15, 2016

Ask Me Anything – Join Me On The Apex Forum This Week

Please feel free to join me on the Apex Forum this week and ask me anything!

For those of you that read the blog but don’t actually know much about me personally, well I’m 29 years old and have been using the internet since I was 10 years old.

I started my first writing gig when I was 13 writing video game reviews for a popular website which even gave me access to games long before release date.


As I was obsessed with the internet and video games, that naturally led to competitive gaming that took me to various tournaments and I claim to have pulled off the first 360 no scope with a sniper rifle (it’s on YouTube).

My obsession with competitive gaming led me to building my first website so people could share highlight videos/demos with each other and this was before YouTube existed. People had to upload the videos via FTP and this was all paid for by my paper round!

In fact to record the videos we had to connect our graphics card output to a VCR to record to a VHS and then play the VHS back through a digital capture card to create the video. d*** I feel old writing that.

It wasn’t until I was around 18 when I realised that you could actually use the internet to make money (/facepalm) and not just shoot people virtually which led me into the corporate world.

I eventually ended up as head of online marketing for one of the biggest distributors in Europe leading campaigns for global clients.

Although I had huge success in the corporate world, I was a near permanent resident in the Human Resource offices because people get really upset in the corporate world if you are honest with them. You can’t call a spade, a spade.

So after being told I’m too passionate to work in a corporate environment – I took the leap to follow my own ventures 6 years ago.

In those 6 years I have achieved an awful lot, I’ve built, ranked, bought, sold and penalised more sites than I can remember. I have had sites that make me 4 figures per day that crashed to zero overnight and vice versa. I’ve done 6 figure product launches and zero figure product launches. I’ve helped change peoples lives and p***** off a bunch of people at the same time.

My internet marketing blog has won a bunch of international awards, being featured in lots of fancy pants places and all sorts of other w**** waving type stuff.

I’ve spoken at conferences all over the world from Bucharest to Las Vegas and I always just wing it and speak from experience and the heart rather than preparing a script or rehearsing.

In recent years I quit the capitalist/consumerist driven ‘first world’ in complete hypocrisy, ripped out everything I knew about life by moving to a strange new country because a blog reader invited me for a beer one time! Pero mi espanol neccesito practica mas y que sueno como un gringo super!

I have had a huge interest in anything to do with the mind/psychology/business for as long as I remember – whether that be hustling Pokemon cards at school, positive thinking/mindfulness through to controlling peoples buying behavior.

I’m a huge believer in the power of observation and I’m always watching. My comfort zone is uncomfortable. Weirdly I don’t really care for money, this is just the game that I love. In my head I’m still sat in front of my SNES playing Super Mario and collecting coins as I go.

Outside of all of that I’ve developed a love for free diving and holding my breathe for as long as possible in complete darkness underwater – weird.

So that is me, inside and out.

Ask me anything.

from Matthew Woodward

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