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Podcast 113: How Hayden Miyamoto Finds and Scales High Quality Link Building Opportunities in 2016

Well, it just happened again.

Hayden Miyamoto is back on the Niche Pursuits podcast as a guest!  If you are not familiar with Hayden’s previous interviews, you can check them out here.

I’ve had Hayden on the podcast several times now, and he always brings great tips and tricks for ranking in Google and building links in particular.  Believe it or not, Hayden basically launched the popularity of private blog networks during one of his first podcast interviews on the Niche Pursuits podcast.

However, that was way back in 2012, and SEO has changed quite a bit since then.

In fact, we have both stopped using PBNs (Private blog networks) for about 2 years now.  You can see when and why I stopped using PBNs in one of my most popular blog posts ever right here.

So, you will be happy to know that Hayden has a few more link building strategies that are working REALLY well in 2016.  And the best part is that these are very white hat links (not going to get penalized like PBNs can).

2 Link Building Strategies

We dive into 2 link building strategies that are working well right now including: using creative common images and foreign news hacking.  You’ll have to listen to the interview to get all the details on these 2 strategies.

In the last month (May 2016), just one of these link building strategies has gotten Hayden roughly 150 high quality links to a brand new site.  And these links are from authoritative websites like:,,,, and many others.

These are the kinds of links that Google loves!

How to Find New Opportunities and Scale

However, what is perhaps even more fascinating to me than these 2 specific strategies that Hayden shares is how he goes about constantly finding these new ways of building links.  How does one person have the ability to constantly discover new ways of building links that other people aren’t talking about or doing?

During the interview we cover this subject in depth.  What it comes down to is a lot of testing using either yourself, employees, or other systems.  Then when you find an opportunity that appears to be working, Hayden shares how he goes about automating and scaling these link building strategies.

The key is constant research and development into finding what actually works and what can scale.  Hayden shares more of his process during the interview.

New Training Course for Site Building and Link Building

Near the end of the podcast interview, Hayden and I reveal that we’ve decided to create a training course that will teach you how to go about building authoritative websites and build high quality links to that website.

However, this will be so much more than just a video training course.  You see Hayden and I have teamed up recently in the past to do a couple of internships and we’ve learned a lot about what motivates people to actually go out and take action while getting trained.

So, our new 8 week training program is not only geared towards teaching you everything you will need to know to build and scale a large web property, but it will also get you motivated and actually building your website during those 8 weeks.

This isn’t some classroom setting where you sit around and listen to the lecture (although there are training modules), this training will get you out into the “real world” and you will learn by doing.

In addition, we will have coaches, private Skype groups, and you will be assigned to a small network of other trainees to keep you motivated and to answer questions that you might have along the way.

If you want to learn more about the new training course, go to

Hayden and I will be sharing much more about Authority Machine in the very near future.  We are currently working on putting the final touches in place before we believe it’s ready for the public to see.

Your Thoughts

Overall, I hope that you enjoy the podcast interview and take away a couple of link building strategies as well as ideas for how you can scale or automate those opportunities.

As always, I’m always interested in hearing your comments or thoughts that you might have.  Feel free to leave a comment or two below.

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