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Income Report Roundup – September 2016

One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports.

So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

If you publish an income report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go-

#1) – $86,688.00 (-$21,207.00)

It’s been another great month for Michelle despite a dip in traffic.

This month saw her create a new email course about money management and finance called ‘Master Your Money’.

She managed to get ahead of her post schedule and plans to work on blog maintenance next month.

Having never focused on SEO before she’s joined an SEO mastermind for 3 months. She’ll also be attending FinCon, the Financial Blogger’s Conference this month.

#2) – $37,390.00 (+$33,281.00)

TrueValhallaMatt’s celebrating his best month so far this month! A successful fundraiser for his new networking framework raised an amazing $30K in just 24 hours!

He explored his new ambitions this month and set to work on raising the money he needed to reinvest.

He has started accepting donations for the first time in over a year. The re-launch of his ‘supporter program’ gives supporters exclusive rewards for donating.

Going forward his to do list includes catching up on work before his holiday, finishing up client work and keeping an eye on his other active projects.

#3) – $36,538.00 (+$9,512.00)

This month Abby & Donnie re-launched their printable products. They spent time combining them into one sales page because the products compliment each other well.

They decided to push sales along by creating a sense of urgency. To do that they offered the two products at a cheaper price for one week only.

They’re now monitoring their different call to action buttons for product packages and thinking about reducing the number of options.

#4) – $25,405.88 (-$6,463.36)

It’s been a record revenue month for Jon but it’s also been a big month for expenses! This month saw him hire a new project manager and buy a few small websites.

He’s happy to report that his Listing Eagle site has seen a 30% increase for three months straight. His affiliate site for FBA business is on a roll with 100% growth five months in a row!

He’s concerned that now he’s working online full time he might be taking on too many projects. Going forward he’s decided to focus on his goals and growing projects while keeping a close eye on costs.

#5) – $21,686.09 (+$8,134.81)

It was nice to settle back into a normal routine this month. Training for Iron Man is taking its toll on my time and inspiration. Hopefully that will ease off as I get used to the training schedule!

This month I had a featured image survey with some new image templates that you guys voted on. After receiving even more designs since the vote I’m officially stumped on which to pick.

I spent most of the month doing blog maintenance. After last month’s metrics showed huge signs of decay it’s great to see things taking an upward swing.

I planted a lot of seeds this month but with a friend arriving to visit for a vacation I might not manage to get everything done that I had originally planned.

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#6) – $10,062.04 (+$802.30)

brendanmaceBrendan is celebrating a record month for both income and traffic despite only having created one YouTube video. He spent most of his time travelling through Barcelona and Portugal.

His traffic increased by approximately 20% this month after he created a video following the making money ‘easily’ theme.

He’s not ready to reveal his other project he’s been working on this month. Next month he’ll be visiting Thailand and also has a new product in development.

#7) – $6,588.00 (-$7,380.00)

untemplaterSydney has been planting seeds for the future and decided to slow the pace down this month.

She enjoys having the flexibility to work less hours if she needs to. Her current goals for the year are to invest at least $5,000 per month and increase her net worth by $75,000.

Planning ahead she wants to stay conservative and wait for opportunities in the stock market to present themselves before investing.

#8) – $4,014.49 (+$583.60)

ThePracticalSaverAllan is celebrating another best month for income for the fifth month in a row! This month he’s been testing the site’s design and layout to see what works and what doesn’t.

He was happy to receive an email from an AOL rep containing an opportunity to work in partnership with them. He’s also been gaining a lot of contributors using Pinterest collaborative boards.

He answered people’s questions and offered help which has converted into sign-ups for the products he promotes. His goals for the coming month include reaching 7,000 pageviews per day, doubling his income and reaching 600 subscribers.

#9) – $3,457.23 (-$4,769.01)

IncomeBullyIt’s been an unproductive month on the blog for Nathan. Although he hasn’t been working on the blog much he’s been busy with an SEO project that has taken up more time than he’d like.

While he did manage to fit some time in to work on his local SEO course he didn’t publish new content on the blog.

He also neglected his outreach, passed up a roundup and a guest post opportunity and didn’t create his coaching page to sell his services in hourly time blocks.

He admits he’s struggled with time management, focus and motivation. Going forward he hopes to improve his content planning, finish his lead magnet series and stop procrastinating!

#10) – $2,882.83 (+$388.29)

ohpIt’s another increase for Ron this month and he’s happy to be writing his report from Brazil, needing only an internet connection and his computer to keep on top of things.

It was his best month for Udemy course sales and he started another website to focus on Ecommerce. His JFFHub site is now running almost totally on autopilot.

He only needs to spend a few hours a week on it and considers the site his biggest accomplishment so far. Next month he plans to work on his second authority site and put together the content he has researched for his first authority site.

#11) – $1,917.12 (-$1,856.91)

GetPostCookieIt’s a bit of a drop in income for Dave this month which is something he expected. By the end of the month he hopes to have a better idea of where things are headed and whether this is a summer slump.

He ploughed through his goals for the month and is pleased to report good progress with his Readability Score site development and Cheatography experiments to increase revenue.

He’s had a productive month developing ApolloPad. He replaced the email system, got marketing underway and improved site management behind the scenes. He plans to continue development of these projects next month.

#12) – $1,244.31 (+$590.02)

OnlineMoneyzIt’s another busy month for Ilya who’s reporting an increase in income. This month he moved across the country not once but twice, once with his parents and again to return for college.

He hired his first full time VA, bought PBN links to revive his BNT affiliate site and wrote a couple of posts for his new high end products site.

With a few projects running he didn’t have time to do keyword research, so he decided to pay for new keywords.

Next month’s goals include teaching his new VA his image process, publishing 15 posts from his backlog and getting Web 2.0s and other weak links pointing to his WHQ site.

#13) – $1,183.88 (-$360.76)

livingoffcloudAfter a quiet month last month it was back down to business for Nadya this month and her expenses went up resulting in a slight decrease in income.

This month she got stuck into analytics and experiments to improve her niche websites and backed one business on Kickfurther.

Going forward she’ll be working on conversion for her ‘Rat’ website, improving the PBN for her ‘Honeybee’ site and adding new content to her other projects.

#14) – $918.37 (+$541.32)

Passive Income TrekLast month’s newcomer Richard is celebrating his best month so far this month! Income has grown across the board, from adsense and affiliate income to his SideHustle.

All his stats were up from last month and bounce rate was down, although he hopes this wasn’t due to which he’s now cancelled.

He missed some of the targets he set for himself but had a good month overall. He set similar targets for the month ahead including growing Instagram, publishing three blog posts and finishing Python Twitter scheduler.

#15) – $620.96 (+$173.00)

AliRazaIt’s an increase in income for Ali this month and he is still working hard to improve user experience. This month he added a plugin to let readers know when each post was last updated.

He achieved two out of three of his goals for the month. He wrote four posts for the site and did more blog commenting, but didn’t update as many old posts as he would like.

Next month he has similar targets including; writing four or five posts, working more on blog commenting, launching a page for readers to schedule consulting sessions and inviting guest posts on the blog.

#16) – $404.44 (-$123.81)

PassiveIncomeWiseIt’s a drop in income for Francisco this month but it’s been a good month overall. He had lower expenses and freelance work coming in from readers who contact him to hire services.

This month he got married and travelled Spain and the UK which meant he didn’t publish anything new on PassiveIncomeWise.

He’s happy to report that his is now stable in terms of passive income. He only needs to answer comments and maintain his first niche site which is running almost completely on autopilot!

#17) – $219.06 (-$55.24)

The Restless WorkerLast month’s newcomer Madi is reporting a slight dip in income this month but she’s still happy with progress and spent some time testing out Facebook advertising.

Daunted by growing traffic and the pressure to keep it up she does have a plan to keep growing with regular blog posts, Pinterest and Facebook.

Next month her goals are to increase affiliate links on the site, find other advertising options, outreach companies for partnership, write guest posts for other blogs and publish guest posts on her blog.

She also plans to create an email list to drive return traffic and work on optimising her images.

#18) – $93.08 (+$178.01)

mypathtopassiveincomeIt’s a big increase for Esteban this month as he’s out of the red and celebrating his birthday on vacation in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

While he was on holiday he found it hard to switch off and ignore his project. He wrote four articles before leaving and did an hour of work per day while he was away.

The blog only has monthly updates at the moment but he’s planning some guest posts.

Next month he aims to make $500 on his new site and spend time writing out a fresh list of goals. He’s also looking forward to having laser eye surgery.

#19) – -$34.88 (+$80.33)

TheExtraIncomeProjectLloyd is reporting another loss this month due to high expenses but it’s been a great month. Money isn’t one of his top goals, he’s focused on growing an audience and building a mailing list.

He focused on branding and monetising the site this month. Reducing his publishing schedule down to once a week has also given him more time to focus on content promotion.

Split testing his opt-in boxes is paying off and he’s finding improving click through rates a better use of his free time.

Next month he’ll continue work on branding and aims to increase sessions, users, page views, social followers and email subscribers.

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In Summary

This month sees no newbies added to the lineup but some of our familiar faces are back with their reports!

Total income for all of the blogs featured this month is up $43,376.87 to $241,278.90. It’s nice to see an upswing all around in both efforts and results after a few slow summer months.

11 out of 19 blogs are reporting an increase in income this month and 4 are celebrating their biggest months for income so far!

That said, some of our bloggers are experiencing a different trend for the summer lull and are only just reaching the end of it this month while making note of what to expect next year.

If you feel inspired to start your own blog then why don’t you start a blog now? It only takes a few minutes!

Performance Tracking

I only include the earnings history of the top 10 blogs each month to make the graphs easy to read.

I’m having a problem with the graph right now and will update the post when fixed

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