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Income Report Roundup – October 2016

One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports.

So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

If you publish an income report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go-

#1) – $97,487.00 (+$10,799.00)

It’s been a great month for Michelle as she won a Plutus Blog of the Year Award and she’s reporting her second biggest month for income yet!

Having spent the month catching up on work after focusing on her course over the summer she’s now two months ahead of her posting schedule.

This month she attended FinCon which she says is her favourite conference and focused her featured question around how attending a blogging conference can help you.

With a lot of her traffic coming from Pinterest she’s also decided to spend more time diversifying traffic sources moving forwards.

#2) – $27,241.00 (-$9,297.00)

It’s a slight dip in income for Abby & Donnie this month and they’ve been having a crazy month outside of the site!

This month they moved house and had to prepare for the children to go back to school. They are finally closing their introductory pricing for their ‘BookBoss’ course six months on from the launch.

Abby reflects on how blogging means that having personal tasks to take care of this month didn’t effect work too much. She loves being able to set certain tasks to autopilot to keep things running while she’s busy!

#3) – $27,046.88 (+$1,641.01)

Income is on the rise for Jon this month but he’s had a tough month full of challenges. He’s been working on a lot of growth projects and adapting to the loss of his Amazon Associates account.

The impact of that was cushioned by his sites in the education niche this month but he expects more of an impact on the performance of his money sites next month.

He also shared his Amazon Associates audit process based on his experiences to help readers avoid the same problems.

Despite the challenges he’s happy to report good progress towards having his site management completely systematized and his team is working hard to provide great results for clients!

#4) – $20,388.83 (-$1,297.26)

Despite spending two weeks with a friend in Costa Rica I still managed to achieve a lot this month, including making some big changes to address site speed.

The blog has been getting very slow recently so to change that I moved hosting, removed and updated plugins and set up Cloudflare. That decreased load time by 67% on my heaviest post.

I cleaned up the on site SEO on the blog not so long ago which has increased search traffic and that continued to grow this month. So with the site loading faster than ever I expect that to increase this month!

I’ve also been split testing layouts for user experience and going forward I plan to overhaul the graphics on the blog and make big improvements in my email marketing strategy.

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#5) – $8,457.25 (-$1,604.79)

Brendan MaceIt’s a slight dip in income for Brendan but he’s really excited about things to come. He’s been busy travelling and is writing this month’s report from Bali.

This month he visited Thailand for the second time and was unlucky enough to have another motorbike accident there, Déjà vu!

He made two new YouTube videos and is looking forward to launching his first product next month. He’ll also be exploring Facebook ads and buying traffic to test out his new lead page.

#6) – $8,316.39 (+$4,859.16)

IncomeBullyNathan has had a great month for income coming just $70 short of breaking his income record. After struggling with productivity he’s taken a step forward this month.

He spent a lot of time working on his new local SEO course which he hopes to launch in December and took on a lot of coaching work.

That’s something he says he would like to do more of and actually promote instead of having people randomly get in touch to ask for it.

Going forward his plans are to launch a dedicated coaching page, add a sub menu, continue to perfect his SEO course, finish his autoresponder series and launch a Facebook ad campaign with his new lead magnet.

#7) – $6,256.84 (+$4,339.72)

Get Post CookieDave’s celebrating his best month for income so far after fixing a bug which was responsible for an 80% drop in income the last couple of months!

After a couple of bad months for the site’s performance Dave spent some time improving the site adding live feedback and improving the sign up page. He also launched a new version of the tool.

He took a two week holiday with his family which left him feeling energised and motivated, and going forward will be looking at Virtual Assistant options to help keep on top of emails.

He’s also looking at options to keep Cheatography free of ads and allowing others to sell their work as an alternative revenue.

#8) – $5,388.00 (-$1,200.00)

untemplaterSydney has had a slight drop in income this month and has had a great time at Comic Con in San Francisco and a weekend retreat with her a cappella chorus.

This month she more than made up for not investing earlier in the year. With a goal to invest at least $5k per month, this month she put $40k into three different investments!

With her assets mainly based in the U.S she’s thinking about trying to pick things up abroad with more international exposure in case the U.S heads towards a slump.

#9) – $5,243.17 (+$1,228.68)

ThePracticalSaverIt’s Allan’s best month for income for the sixth month running over at The Practical Saver and he’s had no expenses this month either!

He’s focused heavily on social media for traffic and although he’s seen a bunch of paid courses on how to grow traffic he’s decided to stick to free courses and try things out for himself first.

This month he became part of AOL’s Finance Collective and has spent time working on Pinterest collaborative boards.

Going forward he hopes to write reviews for some of the products he’s used. His goals this month are to increase his pageviews, reach 600 email subscribers and double his income!

#10) – $2,489.74 (-$393.09)

ohpRon’s seen a slight drop in income this month due to having less consultation work, something he’s not too worried about as he focuses on creating passive income.

He took the first half of the month off and enjoyed some time in Brazil. He’s happy to report that Udemy and One Hour Professor both brought a good income without much effort this month.

His expenses were also up a little due to Authority Hacker Membership fees, moving JFFHub to HTTPS and hitting next tier email pricing. He reminds readers of the importance of keeping your list tidy.

This month he was annoyed to find a copycat website stealing his ideas and information. In future he’ll be referring to his new authority sites by abbreviation only without sharing the URLs.

#11) – $1,489.12 (+$570.75)

Passive Income TrekIt’s Richard’s best month for income so far for the second month in a row and he’s also celebrating his first four-figure month! He’s had a busy month and only got around to publishing two posts this month.

He also spent time tweaking his Twitter automation. Not having had much success with sticking to monthly goals he’s decided to focus solely on growing traffic for the next couple of months.

This month he was disappointed to see a drop in affiliate income and knows his side income will be decreasing a little each month, but he has plans to improve all that going forward!

#12) – $1,394.15 (+$149.84)

OnlineMoneyzIlya has had a crazy month in between moving across the country twice and starting college and he’s still managed to see a slight increase in income despite a drop in traffic.

He’s been really busy hiring and teaching his first VA, buying PBN links for one of his sites, finding low competition high search volume keywords for another site and buying keywords when he didn’t have time to find them himself.

Next month he’ll be focusing on Amazon Affiliates and preparing ways to get the most income out of the holiday season, all while preparing for his midterm college exams!

#13) – $700.96 (+$80.00)

AliRazaIt’s Ali’s second best month for income so far and this month he’s happy to be celebrating twelve months of income reports by sharing his five most popular posts this year!

Working hard to improve user experience as always Ali has removed his email opt in popups due to readers finding it annoying and is interested to see how signups perform without it.

He also added a last updated plugin so that readers can see how up to date his articles are and has finished his page offering his consultation services.

His featured question focuses on how to take your offline business online for more sales. Next month he hopes to improve site speed, write more than 15,000 words and get at least 2,500 unique visitors to the site!

#14) – $580.72 (+$176.28)

PassiveIncomeWiseAfter a crazy month and getting married in Spain, Francisco finally got back down to business this month. He’s also celebrating twelve consecutive months of income reports and his best month for income!

This month he visited Montpellier in France for a conference as part of his PHD and presented some of his research. He began work using forums and Q & A sites to give more exposure to his website.

Next month he plans to invest in some premium plugins for the blog and is thinking about hiring someone to create a logo. He’ll also be writing a more in depth report on his ‘Niche Site 2’ which he says is starting to get interesting.

#15) – $361.41 (-$822.47)

livingoffcloudThis month has seen a big drop in income for Nadya as she reports high expenses and unusually low revenue. She’s also celebrating her blog’s one year anniversary!

She had a scare this month as Adsense gave her a warning about her ‘Elephant’ website and left her with 72 hours to fix the problem. An adsense ban would have a major impact on revenue so she spent two full days fixing the issues.

Going forward she’s contemplating moving away from Kickfurther because they don’t support non-U.S users. She also hopes to increase conversion rate on her ‘Rat’ website and continue improving the PBN for her ‘Honeybee’ site.

#16) – $138.12 (-$80.94)

The Restless WorkerIt’s a bit of a drop in income again for Madi this month as she decided to reject some sponsored post opportunites. She’s opted for quality over quick income.

With Pinterest still a top source of referral traffic she also started to advertise more with her Facebook page for more exposure.

She began taking a closer look at how traffic is growing in this month’s report and is continuing to work on all the same goals as they roll over from last month.

#17) – $81.78 (-$11.30)

mypathtopassiveincomeIt’s a slight drop in income for Esteban this month and after a nice holiday he came back more motivated than ever!

He’s feeling great after recovering from his laser eye surgery and is enjoying looking at life with 20/20 vision. Since starting his new job he has found it difficult to stay active.

After noticing how that affected his eating habits and productivity he recently took up MMA. He’s also really excited about an opportunity to invest in a new apartment.

His goals for next month include sticking to his new MMA classes, getting a mortgage and earning $1000 with his side project!

#18) – $26.80 (+$61.68)

TheExtraIncomeProjectWhile income hasn’t been a top priority for Lloyd his attention to traffic and email list growth is starting to pay off!

He smashed his most important goals this month despite getting sick twice and spent a lot of time job hunting for a pay rise. That did take his mind away from his publishing goals though, so he only published two posts.

He was excited to get a glimpse of how the blog can keep up a passive income stream without having to focus on it every day. He’s also been testing Pinterest automation and split testing Pin designs this month.

Now that he’s becoming more comfortable with the level of growth across various traffic sources he’s thinking about turning attention more towards income in future.

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In Summary

This month we’ve had no new bloggers in the roundup and the total income has dropped $28,190.73 from last month to $213,088.17.

It’s been an exciting month for our bloggers as many take a slight hit in income in favour of planting seeds for the future.

Two bloggers are also celebrating twelve months of reporting their income and one is celebrating their one year blogiversary!

Ten blogs are reporting an increase in income this month with four celebrating their best month for income so far and another four coming in just shy of that with their second best month.

I can’t wait to see how everyone’s attention to real quality over quick income opportunities pays off in the long run!

If you feel inspired to start your own blog then why don’t you start a blog now? It only takes a few minutes!

Performance Tracking

I only include the earnings history of the top 10 blogs each month to make the graphs easy to read.

I’m having a problem with the graph right now and will update the post when fixed

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