Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Podcast 99: How Greg Mercer Built a Multi-Million Dollar Amazon FBA Empire

Today, I’m excited to bring you and interview I did with Greg Mercer of JungleScout.com.  Greg is someone that I have been following along with almost since I got started selling on Amazon myself just 1 short year ago.

When I first got started selling on Amazon, the way I learned was either by interviewing others on my podcast, or listening and reading interviews conducted by other podcasters.  I don’t remember the first place that I ran across Greg’s interview, but as soon as I heard it, it was clear that Greg was a real expert in selling on Amazon.

How expert?  Well, he regularly does over $400k per month in Amazon sales and did over $500k in December 2015!

In addition, Greg has taken those skills for finding great products to sell and leverage that into an AWESOME product finding tool called Jungle Scout.  I personally use Jungle Scout all the time to analyze listings and find those hidden gems on Amazon.

Greg is offering a 10% discount on Jungle Scout to the Niche Pursuits audience right here.

So, in today’s podcast, I’m excited to share the discussion that Greg and I have for how he built his Amazon business, as well as his software business.

A Brief Summary of the Podcast Interview

During the interview we cover lots of great tips; especially, for those who are looking to find and launch a product using Amazon FBA.

Here’s a few of the questions that I asked Greg in the podcast:

  1. What were you doing before you ever started selling physical products on Amazon?
  2. When and Why did you start selling products on Amazon?
  3. What kind of success are you having right now with your Amazon business? (Sales, profits, anything you are willing to share).
    1. How Many Products total do you have?
  4. Do you sell any of your products outside of Amazon?
  5. Let’s talk briefly about your Jungle Stix case study. Can you tell everyone what that is all about?
    1. What is the revenue from that product last month?
  6. Okay, now is time for some of the golden questions that people want to hear. How do you go about picking a winning product?
    1. What metrics should we be looking at?
    2. Reviews, revenue, number of competitors?
  7. How do you promote your product once its live?
  8. I have a couple products that are not performing that well. How do you jumpstart sales for a product that isn’t doing that great?
  9. Now let’s talk about the Jungle Scout business. I personally use Jungle Scout a lot when I research for product ideas…Why did you start this business?
  10. Are you willing to share the success of the Jungle Scout business?
  11. I’m always blown away by the data that you guys are able to gather and display…such as the revenue numbers.  Where are you getting the revenue numbers from?
    1. What time frame are the revenue numbers displaying? (Past month, week, etc).
  12. I have noticed a couple of times that one day the revenue will be one number and then the next it could be half that number…why does this happen?
    1. How can we avoid making a decision on these fluid numbers?
  13. How can people get a discount on Jungle Scout?
    1. Go to http://ift.tt/1QV9uXi
  14. Anything that we didn’t cover for building a business on Amazon that you feel like we should cover?

Wrapping Up

Overall, this is one interview that you do NOT want to miss if you are currently selling or looking to start selling on Amazon.  Greg has been around the block and really knows what he is doing.

If you feel like this interview wasn’t quite enough, I highly recommend that you check out the public case study that Greg has been conducting right here.

In addition, if you are looking for a great software tool to help you find products to sell through Amazon, I highly recommend that you check out Jungle Scout right here.  That link will get you 10% off the regular price.

I hope you enjoy the interview!


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