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Advanced Link Building Strategies: Spencer and Samara Coaching Call 10

In our latest coaching call, Samara and I jumped into more advanced link building strategies.  As many of you know, there are TONS of link building strategies out there, so it’s impossible to cover them all in one coaching call.

In our last call, we covered some real basic link building strategies.

However, the few strategies that we did cover in this call are excellent and can help any site get the links they need to start ranking.  When you combine that with my strong belief that writing long tail content is much more important than building links anyway, you get a winning strategy for building a successful niche website.

As you watch the call, you will notice that all of the strategies are very white hat and are not automated.  Those days are long gone, so I strongly advise anyone thinking about building links to their site to do things that a Google manual reviewer would be fine with.

So, with that, here’s a quick summary from Samara…and then the call for you to watch below.

A Quick Summary from Samara…

What’s up guys!

Spencer and I convened for our 10th coaching call the other day (10 calls! Where does the time go??) to discuss advanced link building.

We started out talking a little bit about the stats for my niche site, which is just starting to see a teeny tiny bit of traffic from real humans! I cannot express in words just how exciting/terrifying this is for me! Real people, looking at my website and spending a whole 45 seconds there! It’s awesome, but also a little bit worrying. Will they like the content? Will they find it helpful? Anyway, it’s not a lot of traffic, but it’s a start!

Then we got into the good stuff. First Spencer spoke about outreach. This seems both fun and daunting to me. It would be great to “meet” other people in my space and make some friends, and because the topic of my niche site is interesting to me, the content on all of my competitors’ websites is also interesting to me, which makes reaching out feel more genuine. However, the idea of cold emailing complete strangers when I’m a total noob is a little bit intimidating, to be perfectly honest.

We also looked at HARO (Help a Reporter Out), which I had never heard of before. It seems like a very interesting possibility, assuming you’re able to link up with a reporter for an article in your niche. And Spencer makes a great point about this process, as he says it’s easy to feel like a real “non-expert”, but the reality is that you have a website in your niche and you probably know more than the journalist! I hadn’t thought about it that way.

The last strategy he spoke about was looking at your competitor’s links. You can use that information to know who to start to reach out to and with whom to try to establish some kind of relationship, with a view to getting those same quality links down the road. I had no idea how to look at a site’s backlinks, so this process was really fascinating to me. This will also show you other sites in your space that you maybe didn’t know about, and give you new ideas of how and where to find backlinks.

I guess my big concern with all of this is that I feel like a nobody in my space. Yes, I have some content up and yes, the site is coming together, but wish I could direct people to a more polished site with more articles. I still don’t feel like I’m ready to unveil it or to send anyone there intentionally. And although I’m learning about lots of topics in my niche, I certainly don’t feel like an expert! But Spencer, again, has a great (and perhaps obvious) point: everyone started from scratch, and you gotta start somewhere. And he’s right.

At the end of our call, he surprised me by telling me that, having completed this coaching call, we’ve pretty much covered everything there is to know about building niche websites. These last steps are long term and very “lather, rinse, repeat.” I do feel confident that I now have the knowledge and the tools to replicate the process (which, like Spencer did back in the day, I plan on doing 199 more times). At the same time, that’s such sad news! I never want these coaching calls to end. Ever.

But that’s the nature of Niche Site Project 3.0. It feels like just yesterday I was out customizing that onesie for my application, and now we all know the steps for getting our niche sites off the ground.

That being said, there’s still so much to be done, and I better get to it! Between researching keywords, writing the content, doing outreach and looking for backlinks, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You just have to take it day by day and keeping looking back at all your progress. Slow and steady, my friends!

Watch the Coaching Call

If you would rather listen to the audio only, you can download it here.

Coaching Call 10: Advanced Link Building Strategies for Your Niche Site

Assignment Follow Up

1. Submit your RSS feed to at least 5 directories (focus on the higher quality directories).

2. Find ways to auto-post all new posts to FB, Twitter, Pinterest


3. Find one person you know that will link to you

4. Find 5 blogs and comment with link to your site

5. Review Jon Cooper’s list: and decide on 2 or 3 more advanced strategies that you would like to try in the future.

  • Bonus Assignment: Read some blog posts on the 2 or 3 tactics that you decide on.

List of Link Building Strategies…

  • Jon Cooper – http://
  • Outreach (after you do something worth reaching out for).
  • Build Relationships
  • HARO
  • Look at your competitors links

Outreach / Build Relationships

Publish Article and mention/link to others

  • Reach out to those people and let them know
  • Jake and Ryan Call 6:
  • Don’t forget to mention on social media
  • Google: “How to Get Links with Outreach”


Look at Competitors Links

  •,, or
  • Look for non-spammy links and try to replicate
  • Rinse and repeat with additional competitors

Assignments for Call 10

  • In your next article, link out to at least 3 other bloggers/websites, then send them an email letting them know.
  • Sign up for HARO and respond to at least one query
  • Review the links of at least one competitor and try to replicate a link
  • Bonus Assignment: Actually get a live link pointing to your site from one of these methods!

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