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Income Report Roundup – June 2016

One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports.

So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

If you publish an income report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go-

#1) – $67,685.00 (-$2,876.30)

With slightly lower page views Michelle is happy to say income is still at a great level. This month saw her release a new course and her latest featured question focuses on what to do if your blog post goes viral.

She’s expecting things to slow down a little through the summer months and is planning to work on another course and maybe take a break in August to hike the Colorado Trail!

Her current goals are to promote more, continue learning, do more interviews, double her income, diversify her income streams, increase her page views and create a digital product!

#2) – $32,790.00 (-$10,501.00)

This month Donnie & Abbie have had fun watching students go through their new Ebook course and taking action to create their own.

After selling over 400 copies during the pre-launch they’ve made a lot fewer sales since and they go over some of the reasons for this in comparison to their first product.

They got a lot done to promote their new course including updating their primary lead magnet, creating and promoting Pinterest images and adding a new sidebar image.

Going forward they plan to target eBook related posts with popups to promote the new eBook course, change to sidebars that change to suit the content on each individual page, continue to do webinars and JV webinars and experiment with paid advertising.

#3) – $26,910.00 (-$8,787.67)

It’s a slight dip in income for Jon this month since the sale of his FBA business as he no longer counts its income.

He’s celebrating his last full month of working the day job and after his last shift next month he will be focusing on his online business full time!

After moving into his new office he’s now looking forward to grinding away at the backlog of work that needs to be done to push the business forward.

#4) – $20,661.90 (-$194.00)

After spending all of last month on boring grinding back office tasks this month I decided to take my foot off the gas entirely for a while, which led to a slight drop in traffic and income.

In my time off from the grind I took my passion for free diving and spearfishing to a new level when I launched my own 12 foot boat to get around on!

We’ve put it to good use so far and we were greeted on the maiden voyage by a pod of playful dolphins! I also took care of all of my dental problems in one hit, arranging 3 surgery sessions over 4 days.

I’ve enjoyed the time off but with friends arriving to visit soon for 2 weeks, that means I need to catch up on last month and get ahead of next month ready for more time off as well!

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#5) – $20,426.00 (+$10,862.00)

HumanProofDesignsAfter going through a serious re-structure in the company Dom’s feeling good and reporting his best month so far this month!

This month saw them break their record number of sites sold and bring their turnaround time down to 4 weeks, with some customers getting their sites in as little as 2 weeks.

He puts their success this month down to the new team structure and explains what has changed in an overview of how things are running now, he’s also looking forward to introducing the whole team next month!

#6) – $7,205.80 (-$1,676.26)

brendanmaceIt’s a slightly lower month for income than usual for Brendan as he reflects on how complacent he’s become since he began making more money this year and decides it’s time to experiment with new growth strategies.

This month saw him invest in his first property as part of his end goal and freedom plan. He talks about the path to becoming truly free by having passive income with assets.

With his asset being a vacation rental at a ski resort he’s looking forward to making his first truly passive income in the winter months and says he’s now using his earnings to build additional income streams instead of only making money online.

#7) – $6,188.23 (+$2,240.53)

bizziIt’s been an incredible month for Kaitlin as she broke a bunch of records on the blog and celebrates her highest earning month so far along with the arrival of her baby!

With an increase in organic traffic the month has seen consistent performance from her digital revenue and Etsy shop, which means she not only had her best month so far but also a very manageable one.

Things were turned on their head with the early arrival of their baby and having planned to close her Etsy shop in June she somehow managed to find time to quickly shut up shop before arriving at the hospital!

The blog will still be around but as a result of this step back Kaitlin & Travis have decided to stop producing monthly reports in favour of a quarterly report. Good luck guys!

#8) – $5,863.00 (-$13,298.00)

untemplaterAfter April’s work overload Sydney was relieved to take some time off to recharge the batteries this month.

She took advantage of the late summer sunsets to get some evening gardening in and got some quality movie watching time and house de-cluttering done.

With her workaholic tendencies she says it was a welcome change for the month and going forward her main goals are still to grow more traffic, invest at least $5,000 per month and increase her net worth by $75,000.

#9) – $4,570.31 (-$70.33)

ohpIt’s a slight dip for Ron this month but he’s happy to report his second best month for income. While he hasn’t spent much time on One Hour Professor, his JFFHub website and new authority site have kept him busy.

He’s been managing both pages, proof reading articles submitted by his writers and reviewing analytics while also overseeing the creation of his latest Udemy course on email marketing.

With his goal of launching his new authority site completed this month he has moved his plans to launch his email marketing course forward to next month.

#10) – $4,116.43 (+$1,092.56)

GetPostCookieIt’s been a nerve wracking month for last month’s newcomer Dave as he watched in anticipation to see if last month’s sales trend would continue into May and he’s now reporting his best month so far!

He achieved 4 out of 5 of the targets he set himself last month and he now has a much better idea of how the site is likely to perform going forward.

He finished this month’s report talking about his time restrictions and how there’s always time to take on a side project, as he gives an insight into how he fits in his projects between the hours of 10pm and 2am!

#11) – $2,585.29 (-$236.28)

IncomeBullyIt’s a slight decrease for Nathan and after deciding to invest 40 hours a week into the blog last month he managed to fit in 31 hours this month.

He’s now decided that 20 hours a week is a more realistic goal. HE spent the month working on lots of tasks he hadn’t planned, including finding a new social media management tool and getting his SSL certificate.

While finding a good social platform will save time in the future he was disappointed in his lack of focus on his main goals this month.

Going forward he’s decided to get more organised and stick to his plans more, work on his local SEO course, launch his coaching service and create sales pages for his products.

#12) – $2,030.00 (-$7,100.00)

TrueValhallaMatt’s keeping it short and sweet this month because although he had a fairly easy month in May, he’s writing this month’s report in June which he’s finding to be a tough month!

This month saw traffic to his HTML5 games drop due to technical issues and he moved his attention from Twitter growth to instead focus on the launch of his game testing group.

He didn’t have time to write a full report but says everything will be back to normal in june when he’ll be sharing his 50th income report!

#13) – $1,320.98 (-$37.85)

livingoffcloudIt’s a slight drop this month for Nadya who says that although the total income was up, her expenses were a little higher so she fell just short of last month’s record.

She’s had money coming in from new streams as the blog and one of her sites bought from Human Proof Designs have started to generate income and she also won a referral contest on kickfurther!

She was busy with selling her condo in may which took time away from working on her niche site and going forward plans to get serious about finding expired domains for her PBN.

#14) – $1,105.34 (+$16.87)

incomemeshIt’s been a busy month for Drazen this month and he’s happy to be regularly hitting $1K per month now, with a slight increase this month.

May saw him designing lots of templates and preparing things for his ne ‘Landing Page Factory’. He was pleased to see referral traffic up by 40% and he’s getting closer to his goal of 5,000 sessions per month.

His next plan for the blog is to create a post about how to make a blog which he says is long overdue, and he’s looking forward to sharing what he’s learned with his readers.

#15) – $933.41 (-$1,029.66)

OnlineMoneyzThis month has been chaotic for Ilya who has been busy with his school graduation, running with his track team and partying which didn’t leave much time for his projects.

This month he hired a new V.A for only $2 an hour, published his big post, joined a mastermind group on Facebook and figured out where he will be focusing his attention for the next 3 months.

On top of that he also did a bunch of work for his college entrance exams and online he only completed one out of six goals he set for himself.

He’s still happy with how the month went, he’s decided to focus on a gaming guides website and says he will only focus on one big project at a time!

#16) – $718.81 (+$479.27)

mypathtopassiveincomeIncome is on the up again for Esteban and he’s much less stressed this month now he has taken up a day job again.

After a worrying few months with a big drop in income he’s pleased to have a little stability to put bread on the table while he starts to pursue another passive income strategy.

He’s decided to take a look at real estate once his trial period is over and next month hopes to publish 4-6 reviews on the blog, have his guest posts published, earn at least $100 profit and make a sale on his new site.

#17) – $650.96 (+$522.98)

AliRazaIt’s been a busy month for Ali as he spent most of the month travelling in the UAE and Milaysia and he’s reporting his best month for income so far!

Always looking for ways to improve user experience, this month saw him test a new image optimisation tool which resulted in a 47% decrease in page loading time!

He completed 5 out of the 6 goals he set for himself last month and going forward plans to write at least 6 posts on the blog, earn $700 from freelancing, complete his eBook and publish his guest posts on other blogs.

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In Summary

We’re missing a couple of blogs as they haven’t posted their reports this month which means it’s a bit of a drop down $39,562.02 from last month to $205,761.46.

May can be a quiet month for marketing as the summer draws in and people spend more time outside enjoying the warmer weather and late nights, and this is reflected in the reports with 11 of our 17 sites featured seeing a drop this month.

That said, it’s great to see some of our newer members of the roundup not struggling with that so far as they continue to build solid foundations and 4 of the blogs are celebrating a record month for income!

If you feel inspired to start your own blog then why don’t you start a blog now? It only takes a few minutes!

Performance Tracking

I only include the earnings history of the top 10 blogs each month to make the graphs easy to read.

I’m having a problem with the graph right now and will update the post when fixed

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