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Income Report Roundup – August 2016

One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports.

So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

If you publish an income report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go-

#1) MakingSenseOfCents.com – $107,895.00 (+$42,155.00)

Michelle is back with a bang this month as she celebrates her best month ever after the release of her brand new course!

She’s also celebrating her Blogiversary as this month marks 5 years since she created Making Sense Of Cents which was originally just a hobby.

The launch of her brand new course this month was successful and she now has around 400 students enrolled, with her featured question this month focusing on what she has learned from the launch.

#2) AuthorityWebsiteIncome.com – $31,869.24 (+$6,565.23)

Ron’s been enjoying himself in his first month as a full time online entrepreneur since quitting his day job!

Income is on the up for him this month and he’s loving the perks of his new lifestyle, being able to enjoy family time mid-week and having some of his best earning days while out canoeing.

He’s excited to be building a great team and working on a lot of growth projects with more time than ever before to devote to his business!

#3) Untemplater.com – $13,968.00 (+$1,377.00)

untemplaterThis month has been a good balance of hard work and leisure time for Sydney and she also spent some time appreciating the olympics.

Reporting an increase in earnings this month, she took a break from investing after making a $20,000 investment in June and reviews how the market is recovering since Brexit.

She reminds readers that as we reach the half way mark for the year it’s a good time to review your goals, and takes some inspiration from this month’s Olympians on mental toughness and mindset towards what you can achieve.

#4) MatthewWoodward.co.uk – $13,551.28 (-$5,806.10)

It’s been a tough month and income has taken a hit after moving house led to almost two weeks of work time lost combined with higher expenses for the blog.

Down time from work was mainly due to the moving process itself and an unstable internet connection at the new house which took a week to resolve, coupled with a broken frigdge/freezer which meant more time lost to go out for food.

Going forward I expect the expenses from this month will bear fruit with higher income and lower expenses and I’ve also mapped out some aggressive goals for the month ahead!

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#5) BrendanMace.com – $9,259.74 (+$739.06)

Brendan MaceIt’s been a great month for Brendan who’s reporting an increase in income this month and he’s happy to say that his travel, personal and business life are all moving in the right direction.

This month saw him back to YouTube video creation publishing 7 new videos this month before stopping to get to work creating his new course.

With everything almost finished he’s excited to start learning about how to launch his product.

He travelled to London, Prague, Berlin and Barcelona this month and shares some tips for solo travelling in this month’s report, finishing up with his thoughts on overcoming fear and living life outside of your comfort zone!

#6) IncomeBully.com – $8,226.24 (+$2,753.58)

IncomeBullyNathan’s had a nice increase in income this month coming in just short of his best month so far – not bad considering he spent a lot of time partying at barbecues and celebrating his 30th birthday!

He started work on a complete overhaul of his autoresponder complete with changing service providers this month and began preparing to launch a new Facebook ad campaign to give product sales a boost.

On top of that he’s also working on a new course which is taking a little longer to finish than he had hoped, but he’s more focused on making sure the quality is great and going forward into next month he’ll be getting back down to business!

#7) TrueValhalla.com – $4,109.00 (-$14,957.00)

TrueValhallaAfter having his second best month for income last month, this month saw Matt bring things down a notch to avoid burning out, which now means he’s a little behind on a few projects.

Sales of his book ‘Learn To Make Games’ are on the up this month, he sold a good amount of HTML5 games and made a new consulting sale.

Aside from that and finishing some small overdue tasks and updates on the site he also started work on his taxes.

Although earnings are technically below average he’s happy with income as a whole. He started outsourcing creation of new music for his games this month and is looking forward to a much needed break next month.

#8) ThePracticalSaver.com – $3,430.89 (+$458.56)

ThePracticalSaverLast month’s newcomer Allan is happy to be celebrating his best month for income for the fourth month in a row!

He got a lot done including signing up to new ad networks, following up with readers who needed help and experimenting with the site and homepage design, although he admits he neglected his Twitter account.

His goals next month are to reach 5,000 pageviews per day, improve his Alexa rank, increase his social media reach, reach 500 subscribers and he also hopes to double income.

#9) OneHourProfessor.com – $2,494.54 (+$79.35)

ohpIt’s a slight increase in income for Ron this month and as he takes a look at where the income came in he’s happy to report that one of his tutorials has earned almost $1,000 so far.

His JFFHub site has had another good month and as he delves down into expenses he talks about the benefits of hiring a writer.

He’s also seen a big drop in consulting income but is happy for that to disappear altogether as it’s not passive income.

Going forward his goals are to launch the redesign of his TJHQ site and its autoresponder, finish up his new authority site with the developer, get 20 backlinks for his JFFHub site and launch the site’s housing database.

#10) LivingOffCloud.com – $1,544.64 (+$251.20)

livingoffcloudDespite having had a quiet month Nadya is reporting her best month for income so far and was excited to notice that the niche website she built from scratch has been making money!

This month she tackled her nerves about speaking on camera head on in a video testimonial and had no internet for two weeks due to problems with service providers after moving house.

Her plans for the coming month include working on conversion rate for her ‘Rat’ site, improving the PBN and content for her ‘Honeybee’ site and creating new content for her other projects.

#11) OnlineMoneyz.com – $654.29 (+$34.28)

OnlineMoneyzIt’s been a busy month for Ilya who’s reporting a slight increase in income. He also managed to take a week off from all his businesses and had his highest Amazon affiliate day while he was off!

He spent over 30 hours moving his site’s hosting and after seeing another site with a lot of traffic but little profits in the same niche as his new site idea he decided to scrap it as a bad idea.

He started an amazon affiliate site in a new niche which will be his main authority site and going forward says all of his goals will align with his main goal of paying for college with online income.

#12) AliRaza.co – $447.96 (-$353.00)

AliRazaIt’s quite a drop in income for Ali this month and he starts this month’s report by reminding readers about the importance of backing up your work after reading an article about an artist who lost 14 years worth of work.

This month saw him write 5 blog posts, just short of his target for the month and he continues to work on giving the best user experience.

His featured question this month focuses on how to write great content and his plans for the month ahead include writing four new posts focusing on quality rather than quantity, writing more blog comments and updating his older content.

#13) PassiveIncomeTrek.com – $377.05 (-$509.16)

Passive Income TrekNew to the roundup this month is Richard over at Passive Income Trek reporting a dip in income from last month due to taking the end of the month off on holiday and then returning to a week of illness.

After recovering from his illness Richard had three weeks worth of his day job to catch up on, and taking that time off meant visits were the lowest they’ve been since the blog was started.

Before that though, he managed to secure some work consulting, set up adsense on a couple of sites he runs, buy another domain and begin setting up two new websites.

Since he spent so much time off last month he’s set himself similar goals this month as he’ll have more time to dedicate to things. His goals include scheduling social posts and posting two new articles.

#14) TheRestlessWorker.com – $274.30 (+$91.25)

The Restless WorkerOur second newcomer to the lineup this month is Madi at The Restless Worker reporting her best month for income so far!

She saw a huge increase in traffic with double the amount of visitors this month as her post about travelling in Iceland became popular.

She’s currently struggling with working full time, blogging part time and trying to maintain a good work life balance.

Her goals for the blog are to add more affiliate links to the site, explore alternative advertising options, outreach to other businesses, invest in social media scheduling, write and feature more guest posts and work on image optimisation.

#15) MyPathToPassiveIncome.com – -$84.93 (-$462.47)

mypathtopassiveincomeEsteban is still finding work tiring and stressful and hasn’t had time to blog or get to the gym this month, releasing his report a week later than usual.

That doesn’t mean he’s been slacking though as he actually spent 20 hours a week on his new project and his big drop in income is due to paying a yearly membership fee.

He achieved one out of four goals he set himself this month and is looking forward to some time to recover on holiday next month, although he expects the blog’s downward trend to continue.

Aside from publishing his new eBook none of his goals for next month relate to the blog, instead he’s focusing on his new site and other personal goals.

#16) TheExtraIncomeProject.com – -$115.21 (-$12.50)

TheExtraIncomeProjectLast month’s newcomer Lloyd is reporting a loss due to investing in a yearly tool subscription which made expenses unusually high. Last month’s personal challenges also had a knock on effect into this month.

That said, he’s actually had a great month and achieved nearly all of the ten goals he set for himself. He puts his success with those goals down to good organisation and maximising the limited time he had.

This month he wants to focus more on networking and promotion and his goals include increasing sessions, users, page views, social media followers, working on a monetisation plan and site branding, and publishing at least one post per week.

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In Summary

This month sees two newbies added to the roundup and three of our regular faces decided not to publish a report.

Total income this month has dropped $13,283.07 to $197,902.03 but with that said, four of the featured blogs this month are actually celebrating their best month for income so far!

As things begin to slowly pick up again after the summer slump ten of our sixteen blogs are back on their feet and reporting an increase in income.

A few of our bloggers have struggled with a variety of personal issues this month from illness to internet connectivity, so with everyone set to get back down to the grind it will be interesting to see how things are looking by the end of next month!

If you feel inspired to start your own blog then why don’t you start a blog now? It only takes a few minutes!

Performance Tracking

I only include the earnings history of the top 10 blogs each month to make the graphs easy to read.

I’m having a problem with the graph right now and will update the post when fixed

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