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[Win] An Elite Private Blog Network That Generates $1.2 Million Dollars Per Month

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What Kind Of Results Can I Expect With Private Blog Networks?

I have a ton of different case studies available, but for now – I am going to show you the results from 2 sites that deployed private blog networks 3 years ago so you can gauge the long term results.

Long Term PBN Case Study #1

In the video at the top of this page I introduced you to my client that sells high end homeware items online and ranks competitive category terms along with individual product pages.

A private blog network was deployed in March 2015 which saw traffic quickly grow from 12,000 per month to 18,000 per month by the end of the year-

Flash forward to 2017 and the site now pulls nearly 60,000 visitors per month from Google-

As you can see in the video above that increased revenue from $100,000 per month to $1.2 million per month!

That makes for a total of nearly $13 million in total revenue.

What makes this site interesting is it’s competing directly against huge ecommerce stores and blowing them out of the water.

Long Term PBN Case Study #2

This site was absolutely torn apart by a previous penguin penalty caused by lots of low trust ratio backlinks.

A private blog network was deployed at the start of November 2014 that has seen ranking and traffic grow consistently from 8,000 visitors per month from Google organic search in November 2014 to 100,000 per month in less than a year.

Fast forward to 2017 and you’ll be amazed…

Because traffic has grown to a staggering 230,000 visitors from Google organic search per month.

Feast your eyes on this growth-

The site has now enjoyed nearly 4,000,000 visitors from Google since deploying a private blog network back in November 2014.

The Secret PBN Strategy Sauce…

In this specific sub niche of video games the popular keywords change every time a new blockbuster game is released but the control the private blog network gives us allows us to rank landing pages for each of those new games before they are even released just by editing a few links.

That competitive advantage allows them to clean up time and time again. All of that is possible over the long term because everything was done the right way with all variables in our full control.

We were able to control the rankings as we dripped links out that tied directly into market demand.

This is what SEMRush has to say about that-


Why Are Private Blog Networks So Effective?

Ask any SEO on the planet what the most powerful backlink is and they will tell you it is a backlink from a related authoritative website surrounded by high quality relevant content.

That is what I refer to as the holy grail of link building that every SEO should aspire to.

You cannot get a more powerful backlink than that.

Truly private blog networks give you complete control of every variable top to bottom which allows you to engineer as many backlinks from related authoritative websites surrounded by high quality relevant content as you want.

That is what makes them so effective in ranking any website in any niche.

  • You control how much authority the site has
  • You control how each site looks
  • You control the content
  • You control the links

There isn’t any other type of backlink that gives you that level of control and power.

So Why Do Some People Tell Me Private Blog Networks Will Get Me Penalised?

It is critical that you understand the difference between private blog networks and the truly private blog networks that are responsible for the results I showed you above.

What a lot of people do to make money is to build a private blog network but then sell links/posts on it across forums like this-

this is not a truly private blog network

These ARE NOT TRULY PRIVATE BLOG NETWORKS and they are far from the actual definition of private because they are publicly advertised in forums.

When you read that Google has deindexed and penalised a private blog network, make sure you understand the difference between them taking down the big public providers vs truly private blog networks.

People rarely make that distinction when talking about truly private blog networks and the blanket term of private blog network is thrown around very loosely.

I want to be clear that I deal strictly with truly private blog networks that are under our full control.

Not the publicly advertised private blog networks that keep making the SEO headlines:

But truly private blog networks where we are in full control of every aspect top to bottom.

Ok, But What Happens If I Get Penalised?

I want to be clear that the risks involved with building your own truly private blog network are minimal because of the level of control that they give you.

However buying posts on someone elses private blog network is a very high risk strategy because you have zero control.

Please understand the difference as it is significant.

I’m the type of person that always plans for the worst case scenario and the absolute worst case scenario when building your own private blog network is that you get penalised by Google.

That is unlikely to happen if you build a truly private blog network the right way but even if it does, unlike any other type of link – with private blog networks you have full control over everything.

If you need to remove the links, you can remove them in seconds.

If you get penalised for over optimised anchor text, you can change all of that in seconds as well.

Or you can copy the strategy used in the video games case study where we change anchor text as consumer demand changes to stay ahead of the game.

I can’t stress enough just how much control truly private blog networks give you and how that level of control allows you to mitigate any risk of penalty if you do things right.

Remember, SEO is just a simple game of risk management and truly private blog networks give you full control over that risk.

But Is This A Black Hat or White Hat Strategy?

The White hat vs black hat argument is stupidI want to put the classic black hat/white hat argument to rest once and for all because this is a particular annoyance of mine and it’s just a really silly argument to make.

To put it simply, link building is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines – whether you got that link with what is considered a ‘white hat’ approach or a ‘black hat’ approach is completely irrelevant.

Building links to manipulate search results is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines period – so it’s all ‘black hat’ in the end if you want to call it that.

So rather than putting labels on things the way I look at it is there is a single ranking algorithm that is looking for specific metrics.

All we have to do as SEO’s is feed that algorithm the metrics it wants.

It really isn’t any more complicated than that and I don’t know why people make it more complicated than that.

All you have to do is give the algorithm what it wants and what it wants is backlinks from relevant authoritative websites with relevant high quality content.

When I see anyone label themselves as a white hat or black hat SEO it tells me that they only understand one side of the coin and they lack huge areas of knowledge because by choosing a side they are inherently ignorant of the other.

Instead of choosing a side it is much better to understand the simple fact that all Google’s ranking algorithm wants to see is certain metrics and all you have to do is feed it those metrics.

That is why private blog networks are so powerful because it gives us all of the metrics Google wants, but in a highly controlled environment.

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