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Coaching Call #10 with Perrin & Colleen: Site Reveal!

Hey, this is Spencer…I wanted to provide a quick introduction to this post.  Besides the big news that Perrin and Colleen reveal the domain of their niche site today, there have been some big changes at Niche Pursuits as well!

As many of you know, Perrin has been an employee of mine for couple of years.  Well, I’m happy to announce that Perrin is now a full-time entrepreneur!  Perrin is no longer a full-time employee of mine and I’m thrilled to see that his niche site business is doing well enough to support him full-time. 

Perrin was able to help in lots of different areas in my business over the past couple of years.  Perrin will still complete the Niche Site Project 3, but other than that he won’t be working for me or be involved with any projects going on at

It’s pretty exciting to see how far Perrin has gone from knowing almost nothing about niche sites at the start of Niche Site Project 2 a couple of years ago, to now supporting himself full-time from one of the niche sites that he built.  He’s been able to accomplish alot and is a huge success story for the process we teach here at  Join me in wishing him the best of luck with his business ventures in the future!

And a note from me (Perrin)! Yep… it’s been an awesome ride, and I can’t thank everyone enough for this fun, life-changing experience–especially Spencer! But various aspects of my business have been growing for the last couple of years, so it’s a good time to take the plunge.

What will I be doing? My time’s going to be split, actually. I’ll be growing my site, offering some consulting, and blogging at Authority Hacker. I’m also considering offering a B2B service I’ve been kicking around for the last 6 months or so. Who knows! Anyway, it’s super exciting, and I’m having a lot of fun so far. 

But again, thank you, thank you, thank you for hanging out with me here the last couple of years. You guys rock!

Now on to the regular post…

Hey guys! Perrin here! Today is a pretty big day. We’ll finally be reviewing the site calling and I have been working on for the past couple of months.

Of course, I’m not going to do at the beginning. Where’s the fun in that!

In all seriousness though, was take a few minutes to talk about what Colleen’s been up to and to give you some insight into another link building tactic we’ve been having success with.

So what has Colleen been up to?

For the most part calling has been hard at work building links! And, guys, she’s been absolutely crushing it. She’s been mostly guest posting, and she’s been having a lot of success.

In total, Colleen has built a whopping 37 links in the past four weeks. That is a lot. Especially for a white hat campaign.

Why has she been building so many links? Mostly because our site’s strategy is very focused on link building. If you remember our previous calls, you’ll know that we only wrote 40 articles for the site, and after that, we have focused almost entirely on building links.

There are a lot of different philosophies in the SEO world, but I strongly believe a good link building campaign is essential to a site’s growth.

It hasn’t all been guest posting, though.

Here’s the new link building tactic we’ve been using…

Actually, it’s not that new; it’s been around pretty much forever. I’m talking about links and resources pages. Links and resources pages are basically exactly what they sound like: a list of good resources on another site.

Here’s an example:

By far the biggest benefit of these pages is that they are built specifically to link out to other sites. Generally, that makes it fairly easy sell when you reach out to these people and try to get a link.

We’re not going to share our exact email script, but honestly very simple: you find the page, email the webmaster, and ask for your site to be included. And that’s it!

It is a bit of a grind, though. Mostly, it’s difficult to find enough pages to email. For example, when we were trying to find these pages we found hundreds of targets. That is a lot of research.

Additionally, these types of pages typically don’t convert as well as other link building methods. When I reach out to these pages I usually convert at about 1.5%, and Colleen — who apparently writes absolutely killer outreach scripts — converts somewhere between 3% and 4%.

See you do the math. If you want a couple links, it’s going to take a whole a lot of emails.

So why are we even using this tactic at all?

Mostly because we want to mix up our link building strategies, and this particular type of link building has very different benefits than guest posting.

The thing I really like about guest posting — and what we found as we’ve been going through our link building campaigns — is that it converts much higher than almost any other link building tactic. Some of our guest posting campaigns have converted as high as 30%. If you’ve done any white hat outreach at all, you’ll know that that is a very, very strong conversion rate.

The downside of guest posting, of course, is that you have to produce a whole bunch of content. So if you secure five links you essentially have to write five articles. And that can really add up. It’s also just tiring to have to write that much. Plus, as Colleen mentions on our call today, it’s easy to feel like you are “wasting” content on somebody else’s site.

So, we wanted to find a link building tactic that didn’t require Colleen to write so much. Of course, there are hundreds of different link building tactics out there, but because Colleen is still somewhat new to SEO, we want to shoot for something simple. And links and resources pages link building is very simple.

That said, it certainly has different pros and cons. In fact, it has opposite pros and cons. Here’s what I mean.

Links and resources pages outreach does not convert nearly as well as guest posting. To get three or four or five links, instead of sending 20 emails you may have to send 100 or 150 emails. Obviously, that’s a bit of a grind.

However, the major and obvious upside is that you don’t have to create content. If you secure a link, it simply appears on somebody else’s site and starts boosting your rankings.

Are these the only tactics will be using?

Of course not. When executing a link billing campaign, you really do want to use at least a few solid link building tactics. So far, we’ve only used two. So will probably add some more, but right now these are working for us, and they are yielding very strong links. So we are happy.

Okay are you guys ready?

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

I’d like to introduce you to…!

This is the site Colleen and I have been working on for the past few months, and were honestly very proud of it! For the budget on which it was created, it looks really good, and it seems to be showing some early signs of success.

We go over the site in detail in our coaching call, and I’m sure you guys are going to head over there and turn apart, but I do want to quickly know just a few things before two.

Also, a quick note on why we’re not linking to from NichePursuits. Nothing exciting, really. Mostly, our strategy is very link-building focused, so we just want to see how far we can get on our own.

1.The site has a strong authority angle.

Hopefully, this is one of the first things you notice. The site is built to grow. It is not just an Amazon site. It’s not just a social site. It’s not just a display ad site. It’s built with flexibility in mind, and eventually we hope that this site will have many different traffic and revenue streams.

I strongly, strongly believe that this is the way to go nowadays. We said this at the beginning, but we want the site to evolve into a small business that provides Colleen with a sustainable, passive income. You don’t do that with a small niche site.

2. It’s not all affiliate content.

If you look at the front page of our site, you probably won’t find any affiliate content. Why? Because affiliate content is not the focus of our site. Sure, it is part of our site. But it’s not the point.

The point of our site is to provide an actual, real, useful resource about guitars and ukuleles to people who want to learn about guitars and ukuleles. That’s the first and most important goal of Do we hope to make money with affiliate revenue? Yes. Is affiliate content on the site? Yes.

But we’re only using that as a launch pad to create something much bigger and with much more diverse revenue.

So how’s it going?

So far, is going really well. If you want to see exactly how well, be sure to check out the video, where we run through all of the early data including traffic, keywords, and even our link building spreadsheets.

Overall, we’re super excited, and I’m very proud of Colleen. The early signs are good but we are just getting started. There is a lot of work to be done. It’s very important not to let off the gas now. So, instead of seeing the early signs of success in taking a break, Colleen is doubling down on her link building efforts. And hopefully, in another month, will be able to show you some even more exciting stuff (like real earnings).

But that’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed the video, and let us know what you think of the site! Like 25 minutes

Watch the Coaching Call Here

If you prefer to listen to the audio only, you can download it here.

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