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Income Report Roundup – May 2016

One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports.

So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

If you publish an income report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go-

#1) – $70,561.30 (+$1,165.30)

It’s been another great month for Michelle in terms of income and work-life balance, as she smashes through the 70k income barrier celebrating her best month for the fifth month running!

She’s expecting that number to dip a little in the coming months as she anticipates a slow summer while everyone is out enjoying better weather.

Having worked hard to get over a month ahead of her blog posts she’s now working on a digital product. She’s excited to see the business growing and is taking an online course to learn about creating and launching an eBook.

#2) – $43,291.00 (+$8,891.00)

Celebrating their best month for income for the fourth month in a row, Abbie and Donnie spent the month focusing on the launch of their new course.

This month sees them change the format of their income report to focus more on what they have learned along with strategies that they have found the most helpful.

They take a look at how they have grown through product creation this month and reveal the steps they took to get there, including how to build trust and confidence with your readers.

#3) – $35,697.67 (+$931.10)

It’s been an exciting month for Jon as several projects began to pick up momentum at the same time and he’s celebrating a record month for income for the second month in a row!

He completed his site redesign and bought one new site but says he needs to keep on top of his posting schedule for Authority Website Income.

In May he plans to launch a couple of new projects. While it’s often questionable to have so many projects at once, he says this month’s growth while some business experience natural swings shows the benefit of diversified income streams.

#4) – $20,855.90 (-$1,352.36)

I spent this month working on an endless list of back end tasks, from updating old posts to planning improvements to my email marketing strategy, along with a bunch of other boring tasks!

This month I introduced a smarter contact form that I built with Gravity Forms to save on time spent dealing with emails and I took the opportunity to experiment with a new post layout.

Aside from working on improving the user experience I also made the blog’s theme available for public sale!

All that means I haven’t had time to work on traffic or income on the blog. I’m about 3 weeks behind schedule with where I wanted to be so there’s a lot of making up to do this month!

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#5) – $19,161.00 (+$5,564.00)

untemplaterSydney is happy to report her best month for income so far this month while confessing that she is a workaholic!

As part of her goal to retire as a multi-millionaire she is continuing to save as much as she can while freelancing and investing in stocks.

She decided not to invest in April though as she has a feeling the markets could still go down even further.

Traffic was down for the site this month but she cheerfully reminds readers that you should work hard while you can, because someday you won’t be able to!

#6) – $9,564.00 (-$5,288.00)

HumanProofDesignsIt’s been a month of hustle and investment for Dom who is frustrated at this month’s dip in income.

That said, he isn’t worried because higher than usual expenses have played a big part in the dip, as the month saw them make a complete overhaul in their foundations after last months problems with growth.

Although he says they still have improvements to make he’s happy to have built a sturdy business that can still generate income when the going gets tough!

#7) – $9,130.00 (+$1,942.00)

TrueValhallaMatt’s had a challenging and exhausting yet profitable month as he spent most of his time producing a series of games for a client.

He was rehired by the client who contributed to his huge earnings in January and is pleased to report that they were so happy with the results they are back for more!

With this set to be his last major client for a while he says he has a lot of overlooked work to start catching up on. Going forward he’ll be working on his new game ‘Dragon Depths’ and his new book.

#8) – $8,882.06 (+$2,308.27)

brendanmaceBrendan is happy with results this month as he reports his second best month for income and also got engaged!

This month saw him with more time to spend on the business and he created and published five new YouTube videos. Despite spending more time working he didn’t see a huge growth in his results.

He’s not worried about that though, because he’s creating passive income streams that mean he can take time off in the future and still be paid for the work he did this month!

Going forward he’ll be keeping up that momentum into next month and is also thinking about creating his own business course!

#9) – $4,640.64 (+$1,930.73)

ohpRon is extremely happy to be celebrating his best month so far as his authority site went viral again!

Unlike last time he was able to chill out and watch the earnings roll in each day, as he had already done the work to get his site and hosting optimised.

He had his second best month ever on Udemy with their updated pricing strategy and thinks this upward income trend will continue as he releases more content and launches new projects.

His goals for next month include launching his new authority website, launching his email marketing course and publishing 5 guest posts for his JFFHub site!

#10) – $4,565.46 (-$5,529.12)

7FigureDadLast month’s newcomer Jesse is reporting a big dip this month and a bunch of learning curves.

He’s learned he needs to review his goals for the month more consistently to stay on track and that there’s quite a lot more work behind a membership site than he thought!

That said, he did complete 5 out of 12 goals he set for himself and going forward has set a smaller list of goals to manage for the month while they’re busy moving house.

#11) – $4,403.32 (+$3,691.13)

HuwHughesHuw’s happy to report that income has picked up again this month after last month’s time spent learning and brushing up on his skills.

He’s decided to create his authority site in the online marketing niche because it’s what he feels he really knows and loves doing!

This month also saw him take on his first coaching student which was a nice bump for his income and has decided to look into going down the membership site route.

Going forward he’ll be doing more product promotions and working on his membership site while going through a coaching program himself.

#12) – $3,947.70 (-$1,059.95)

bizziKaitlin is reporting a dip in income this month as things settle down and get back to normal after last month’s viral Facebook frenzy!

She expected the drop in revenue this month after a Facebook fan page sent a huge amount of orders to her Etsy shop last month, and as usual most of her revenue still came via the Etsy shop.

Although there were no record numbers she’s happy to see consistent numbers each month from her Amazon affilate earnings and is making the most of the time she has to work now, with their new arrival to the family due in just a few months!

#13) – $3,023.87 (+$2,302.84)

GetPostCookieNew to the lineup this month is Dave at GetPostCookie reporting a healthy increase in income this month and his best month so far!

After completing his goal of launching a new version of one of his sites he was hoping that would help to increase revenue and was shocked to find it took just over 48 hours to make it’s first $1000!

With the conversion rate staying fairly consistent he’s set to achieve income targets he set for the end of 2017 by the end of May and hopes to achieve his 2018 goals this year!

He plans to continue his momentum with that site, put together a plan for the development of his ‘ApolloPad’ site and is looking to find someone he can delegate some of the running of his ‘Cheatography’ site to.

#14) – $2,821.57 (+$581.80)

IncomeBullyLast month’s newcomer Nathan has been having a fun month with his blog and has started to test out new strategies for traffic generation.

He’s focused more on promotion than content creation this month and has changed up his Twitter strategy. He also launched his hosting affiliate site and is interested to see how it works out.

After a successful start with only 2 hours a week input on the blog he has decided he needs to step up his game to compete with the fake gurus in the niche, so he’s decided to start working at least 40 hours a week.

Next month his plans are to work on a new Amazon affiliate site, create a PDF version of his course, start a Facebook group, take care of his autoresponder and email list and officially launch his coaching services!

#15) – $1,963.07 (+$223.80)

OnlineMoneyzNew to the lineup last month, Ilya is celebrating his best month so far for the second month in a row!

This month saw him finish his local website work and plan his outsourcing strategy while also getting a bunch of blog commenting done to build relationships and traffic.

Being a student he also spent time running with his track team and had a lot of exam prep and homework to take care of too! He spent some time reading books on selling and marketing but reflects it was probably too much reading and not enough action!

Going forward he plans to publish his huge post he’s been working on this month, work on having multiple authority sites instead of lots of small ones, create and publish his reddit ads course and publish at least one post per week on the blog!

#16) – $1,358.83 (+$614.31)

livingoffcloudIt’s Nadya’s best month so far for a second month running this month, with a higher revenue and lower expenses she’s happy to report a great month!

This month was high season for one of her Amazon affiliate niche sites, and she’s pleased to say that revenue was up 35% while the number of sales went up by 67%, that’s the best they’ve been since she bought it!

Her Kickfurther business slowed down a little and she’s also decided to sell her condo on her own without the help of estate agents so that has been keeping her busy too.

She plans to get more serious in her search for expired domains as she’s building a PBN for one of her sites, with seven websites in the network already she is on the lookout for stronger domains.

#17) – $1,088.57 (-$381.80)

incomemeshIt’s been a slow but good month for Drazen as he only managed to publish one article on the blog.

He says the reason for his lack of articles though, is that he is working on a new project! he’s currently building a landing page template marketplace and plans to launch it in the coming month.

He’s planning to produce more articles this month but as the blog survived his slow publishing month he also reflects on the beauty of creating passive income streams for yourself!

#18) – $239.54 (+$40.50)

mypathtopassiveincomeIt’s been an eventful month and Esteban is pleased to see income back on the rise. He feels great about every penny he makes online and encourages readers to get started!

While not much has changed for his figures he’s been busy starting another project while looking after this blog as a priority, maybe there are one too many projects on the go as he says he’s lost count of them all.

He’s still tempted by the idea of moving to a sunny location but would like his business to be fully kicked off before he does. Going forward he’s going to focus on stabilizing and scaling up his income.

He’s still happy to be growing and making progress instead of being stuck in the never ending dull working routine that comes with a job!

#19) – $127.98 (-$300.00)

AliRazaIt’s a bit of a drop in income for Ali this month as he continues to improve user experience and this month sees him testing out a new plugin.

He wrote seven blog posts and updated his about me page to include some of his certifications and events highlights.

His plans for the month ahead include a business tour, making sure he publishes at least 5 posts, planning a contest on the blog, guest posting and blog commenting for traffic.

On top of all that he’s planning to write an eBook to increase optins, so it looks like a busy month ahead!

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In Summary

This month sees one newcomer added to the lineup and it’s yet another best month so far for all of the blogs put together. The total this month is up $18,466.85 from last month to $245,323.38.

It’s been a record month for 8 of the 19 blogs featured this month and as everyone continues to grow steadily it’s fantastic to see so many of our bloggers celebrating record income months for month after month!

There’s been a lot of interesting goals put in place for next month so I can’t wait to see how they all get on!

If you feel inspired to start your own blog then why don’t you start a blog now? It only takes a few minutes!

Performance Tracking

I only include the earnings history of the top 10 blogs each month to make the graphs easy to read.

I’m having a problem with the graph right now and will update the post when fixed

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