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Income Report Roundup – April 2016

One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports.

So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

If you publish an income report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go-

#1) – $69,396.00 (+$24,489.00)

Michelle is celebrating her best month for the fourth month in a row and reminds readers that income is not always dependent on pageviews, as hers were down 10% this month.

After feedback around how her income report is written she has changed how she displays it, to show how much she earned rather than what was paid out, to make it easier for readers to compare month to month.

She is continuing to work towards her long term goals but in the short term hopes to get a few months ahead with her blog posts so she can spend more time on promotion, networking and helping readers.

#2) – $34,766.57 (+$5,866.91)

Jon has been pushing himself this month and is reporting record numbers and his best month for income so far!

This month also saw Amazon withholding $20k and closing his affiliate account after he accidentally violated their terms! While he is appealing, he’s trying not to dwell on it and learn from his mistakes.

He’s excited to be working on a new web app which should be available in less than a month and going forward plans to develop and learn new skills to compliment his business.

#3) – $34,400.00 (+$3,108.00)

Abby and Donnie are celebrating record income numbers for the third month in a row and this month sees them launching a new course!

As part of their launch process they offered free webinar training which saw them encounter lots of challenges working with live video, something they plan to write about to share what they have learned.

After paying for an expensive webinar solution they were frustrated when an expired security certificate meant attendees couldn’t watch due to security warnings in their browsers!

They’ll be continuing with the service for the remainder of this launch but plan to move to an alternative solution in future.

#4) – $22,208.26 (-$1,340.09)

It’s been a busy month for me as I’ve been making lots of changes to the blog. I had a painful process improving the navigation using tags because I did a terrible job planning my categories in the beginning!

I had a backlog of testimonial submissions so I went through all of those and published a bunch, and held a giveaway competition to win free copies of my 6 figure blogging theme.

My old car was also costing me too much time – the only thing we can’t buy more of, so I decided it was time to buy a new car!

Going forward I have a list of tasks that will improve user experience and set everything up nicely for the future, some of them are real grinders though so for now I have a lot of work to get on with!

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#5) – $14,852.00 (-$2,656.00)

HumanProofDesignsThis month saw Dom get married on a beach in Hawaii! He and his wife then honeymooned in Maui and spent a bit of time with one of his first IM mentors.

It wasn’t all fun and games though as he made some business decisions that will mean lots of hard work on top of an increasing backlog of projects.

He reflects on how the growth of sales did not necessarily mean growth of the business as they hadn’t increased capacity to meet demand and is planning to get things under control soon.

With a lower income figure due to focusing on fulfilment rather than sales this month he expects a further drop next month with things looking up for May onwards!

#6) – $13,597.00 (+$2,495.00)

untemplaterSydney has been having fun this month with a nice balance of working hard and playing hard as she took some time off for two short holidays, one to a beach and another to the desert.

That said, she still stayed focused in between her travels and this month saw her reflecting that it’s a trying and tiring time at the moment, but that the rewards of hard work are worth it!

Going forward she is continuing to work towards her long term goals for 2016 which include investing at least $5,000 every month, growing her net worth and increasing her traffic.

#7) – $10,094.58 (-$2,828.99)

7FigureDadNew to the lineup this month is Jesse reporting a slight dip in income from last month.

This month he met his targets of launching his 7FigureDad wristbands, getting two guest posts on the blog and completing the beginning stages of a new intern project.

After a successful month with his coaching program he’s encouraged to see his affiliates making break throughs with their own projects and he also improved his autoresponder email sequence.

Going forward his targets include reaching 1,000 Facebook likes, starting a new t-shirt line and he also has an optimistic new income goal!

#8) – $7,188.00 (+$5,970.00)

TrueValhallaWith income back on the up, this month saw Matt launch a new series of HD games and integrate a new responsive scaling system and improved theft-prevention and security.

He also reduced his game’s load time for mobiles by 62%! His main sources of income this month were from licensing his HTML5 games and making custom games for clients.

Going forward he has a hectic month scheduled with six games to produce and maintenance on his current portfolio of games. He’ll also be working on his major project which is due for public beta testing very soon!

#9) – $6,573.79 (-$1,247.17)

brendanmaceIt’s been an unproductive month for Brendan as far as work goes, as he enjoyed another month of swapping business for pleasure!

He spent most of this month travelling South East Asia but says one of the benefits of building up a passive income and traffic source is that you can afford to travel and still make a profit!

This month saw him create two new videos on his YouTube channel and introduce Kindle to his business, with four new books created.

Going forward his travels are done for now and he’s ready to hustle hard, with numbers already set to double next month!

#10) – $5,007.65 (+$491.37)

bizziKaitlin has had a very hectic month and is excited to report record earnings after a Facebook fan page sent her an avalanche of orders in one day!

She powered on through even though the orders caught her off guard and even had to turn off her shop to ensure everything was delivered on time.

Travis spent some time testing out Adsense and Amazon CPM ads on the blog and despite being over six months pregnant with a brand new puppy to look after as well, Kaitlin is continuing to work hard!

Going forward she’ll be focusing on posting new blog content on top of the demand from Etsy.

#11) – $2,709.91 (-$257.21)

ohpRon’s happy to be reporting another great month and anticipates that earnings will continue to climb over time.

He spent a lot of time on his new authority site this month and started an interesting new experiment based on ranking a site with images instead of the text.

This month also saw him record a podcast interview for Empire Flippers and he’s pleased to see some consistent income from diversified avenues now.

Going forward he’ll be working on a new Udemy email marketing course, his new site ranking experiment, getting his new authority site 70% complete and securing partnerships for his JFFHub site.

#12) – $2,239.77 (-$980.18)

IncomeBullyNew to the roundup this month is Nathan at IncomeBully reporting a drop in income from last month. This month saw him take on two people to trial the idea of one on one coaching.

After finding flaws in his plan to launch a hosting affiliate site at the beginning of the month he scrapped the idea and took it back to the drawing board.

He also started experimenting with new traffic sources like Quora and Instagram and took part in an expert round up.

Going forward he plans to produce a new traffic case study, launch his new hosting affiliate site, reach 2,000 Twitter followers and complete the first draft of his new product!

#13) – $1,739.27 (+$1,775.51)

OnlineMoneyzAnother new addition to the lineup this month is Ilya reporting his best month so far with a huge increase compared to last month!

He spent a lot of time this month on his internship but also managed to achieve a video quality Udemy was happy with, add images and edit a huge post he has lined up and take on some local client work.

Going forward he plans to complete his internship, publish his first Udemy course, finally publish his huge post and add more evergreen content to his Amazon affiliate sites.

#14) – $744.52 (+$298.98)

livingoffcloudNadya is excited to report her best month so far this month as she celebrates her first income from LivingOffCloud and her investments begin to come to fruition.

After putting work on pause to focus on taxes she realised that the deadline in Canada is later than she thought, and she now has an accountant to sort all of that out for her!

Going forward she plans to continue her hard work growing the sites she has already invested in and is looking forward to her start up sites beginning to make money too.

#15) – $712.19 (-$2,825.09)

HuwHughesIt’s been one of Huw’s lowest income months this month but he’s not worried because he’s invested a lot into learning new skills and knowledge for his new project.

In his journey to create an authority blog for a more passive source of income he will be learning about traffic, leads and sales and then teaching those three points.

After picking up a course on creating an authority site he says money will come in from his reviews in the meantime, while he builds his blog and tries to outrank me for some of my keywords, good luck! 😀

#16) – $427.98 (+$150.00)

AliRazaLast month’s newcomer Ali is reporting his best month for income so far and just like last month he’s still testing things to improve user experience.

This month saw him post his first ever case study on the blog and change his email plugin to improve subscriptions. From now on he’ll also be answering one or two featured questions in the income report.

Going forward he is focusing on traffic with plans to write 6 posts in April, work on a new course for Udemy, write 25 forum posts, at least 30 blog comments and spend $50 on Facebook advertising.

#17) – $199.04 (+$41.59)

mypathtopassiveincomeIt’s been another tough month for Esteban but he’s still working hard and reporting a steady increase on last months income.

He published two posts this month and is now trying to decide whether to take a job to cover living expenses or move somewhere cheap and sunny to extend his trial of the digital nomad lifestlye.

He’s currently going through a course to maximise his outreach for the launch of his new eBook and next month plans to publish a couple of guest posts and have a guest blogger publish on his site.

While he continues to keep working towards his goals consistently, next month will reveal whether he gets a job to keep things going or books a flight to a cheap and sunny location!

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In Summary

It’s another record month for all the blogs featured collectively this month up $16,522.78 from last month to $226,856.53!

This month has brought 3 newcomers to the lineup and 7 of the 17 blogs featured are reporting exciting developments and record income numbers while others are making strong foundations for the road ahead!

This month is packed with twists and turns in our blogger’s online journeys and there are some great lessons to be learned, it will be very interesting to see what grows from the seeds they have planted so far.

If you feel inspired to start your own blog then why don’t you start a blog now? It only takes a few minutes!

Performance Tracking

I only include the earnings history of the top 10 blogs each month to make the graphs easy to read.

I’m having a problem with the graph right now and will update the post when fixed

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